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1. Linear Models

Understand linear approximation and modelling of problems and develop linear models.

2. Dimensionality Reduction
Use ideas from linear algebra to transform dimensions and warp space providing additional flexibility and functionality to linear models.

3. SVM
Develop and implement kernel based methods to develop nonlinear models to solve few complex tasks.

4. Nearest Neighbours, K-means, and Gaussian Mixture Models
Review pattern recognition ideas with distance and cluster based models to understand similarity measures and grouping criteria.

5.Naive Bayes and Decision Trees
Dive into applications of bayes theorem and the use of decision criteria when learning from data.

Look at search from the perspective of graphs, trees and heuristic based optimizations.

7.Logic and Planning
Discover ways to encode logic and develop agents that plan actions in an environment.

8.Reinforcement Learning and Hidden Markov Models
Engineering agents that learn from a sequence of actions using rewards and penalties.

9.Q-Learning and Policy gradient
Operate in a stateful world over value and policy approximations tasks

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