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  • Accounting Concept

  • Accounting Information System

  • Accounting Cycle

  • Accounting Principles

  • Accounting Assumptions

  • Balance Sheet Equation

Main Accounts

  • Assets

  • Liabilities

  • Owners' Equity

  • Revenues

  • Expenses

  • Double Entry System

  • Recording in Journal Entry

  • Posting to General ledger

Adjustments Entries 

  • Prepaid Expense

  • Accrued Expense

  • Unearned Revenue

  • Accrued Revenue

  • Prepare Trial Balance

Prepare Financial Statements

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Owners' Equity Statement

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Practical Cases

Advance Financial Accounting 


Administrative success in any institution should have knowledge in everything around him and therefore had to be based on the training and development of human resources that highlight the importance and objectives of accounting and its importance in the planning and oversight. And the delivery of intellectual conceptual framework of accounting concepts and basic accounting.


  • Enable participants to deal with the financial promoters and the legal

  • considerations relating to chic, bills of exchange, bills of exchange and arrested.


Officeholders from all administrative levels in the public and private sector institutions.


1. Guide accounts and types
2. Double­entry system.
3. Fifty documentaries [administratively and financially.
4. Entry in the book of the Journal.
5. Review monthly balance and the books of help.
6. General ledger, trial balance and final year.
7. How to use the information in computational management decisions.
8. Behavioral aspects of accounting.
9. Introduction to scrutiny and audit.
10. Accounting control systems.
11. Management accounting [entrance. o Accountability financial facilities.
12. Accountability taxes.

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