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Introduction to DevOps and its Necessities

  • DevOps

  • DevOps Roles

  • DevOps Necessities

  • DevOps Problems & Solutions

  • Making a DevOps Transition

  • Identifying cultural impediments and overcoming it

  • Building Accountability and Trust

  • Understanding the Infrastructure layouts and its Challenges

  • Understand Scalability and Availability

  • Networking Concepts from an enterprise perspective

Understand Common Infrastructure Servers

  • Working of DNS Server at Internet Scale

  • DNS Installation

  • DNS Configuration

  • DNS Tuning and Geolocation

  • Understand Web Servers like Apache

  • Ngnix and their differences

  • Configure Apache and Nginx for the Enterprise

  • Load Balancing through HA Proxy and Setup NFS for storage presentation

  • DNS Installation and Configuration

  • DNS Master/Slave Configuration

  • HTTPD Web Server setup

  • HA Proxy Setup - Both HTTP & TCP based load balancing and Ngnix Installation and Configuration

Implement Automated Installations and Deployments

  • Installation of Linux Servers using PXE boot or kick start method

  • Yum repository setup and Automatic system updates

  • Configuration of SVN and GIT

Practicals to be covered

Linux Installation Methods - Setup PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) and Linux Repository Setup.

Understand Performance tuning aspects and basic Security for Infrastructure

Learning Objectives

In this module, you will learn about Performance aspects of the Infrastructure from an Enterprise perspective and Implementation of Security to make the environment more secure.

Practicals to be covered

Automatic System updates, SVN and Git Configuration and IP Tables

Installation & Configuration of Jenkins and Puppet

  • Installation of Jenkins

  • Authentication with LDAP

  • UNIX etc

  • Integration with SVN

  • Remote command execution

  • Puppet Installation and Configuration

  • Puppet manifests and examples

  • Puppet with SVN

Practicals to be covered

  • Jenkins installation and setup

  • Jenkins and SVN integration

  • Jenkins Remote execution

  • Build a job by sending an email

  • Puppet installation and Configuration

  • Puppet Manifest examples- User creation

  • Tomcat installation

  • Apache Server installation and MySql Parameter changes

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