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  • Event-oriented programming

  • How to add Developer Tab into your Excel instance

  • Code Window, Properties Window, Project Explorer, Tool Bars

Variables And Constants:

  • Objects -Properties and Methods

  • Variables

  • Data Types

  • Difference between variables and Objects

Option Explicit:

  • Explicit variable declarations using the Option Explicit statement

  • Implicit variable declarations

Pivot Tables:

  • Steps to create Pivot Table

  • Arranging fields (Methodology –How & Why)

  • Formatting Pivot Table

  • Introducing Slicing Tool

  • Managing & Formatting Slices


  • Creating a Sparkline

  • Design a Sparkline

  • Comparing Sparklines

Excel Tools (In-Built):

  • Data Filters & Usage

  • Data Sorting

  • Pivot Tables (Creating, Updating & Modifying)

  • Advanced Formatting


  • Recording, Executing & Saving a Macro

  • Editing & Debugging a Macro

  • Error Handling

Career guidance:

  • Discussion on practical business scenarios

  • Interview question bank with answers

  • Resume modelling

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