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Plan the Mobile World:

  • Mobile Revolution & Trends

  • Mobile Devices

  • Operating Systems

  • Native apps & Mobile Web

Mobile Challenges:

  • Generic Challenges

  • Test Specific Challenges

  • Platforms and Compatibility

  • Data Entry

  • Unique functionalities: location, orientation, and more

  • Hardware Complexity

  • Application Complexity

  • Store challenge: Apple, Android, Microsoft and others..

  • Security & Carrier Issues

Mobile Testing Priorities:

  • Functionality

  • Performance

  • Efficiency

  • Compatibility

  • Usability

  • Interoperability

  • Installability

  • Conformance

  • Security

  • Regression Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

Mobile Testing Approaches:

  • Real Device Testing

  • Emulator Testing

  • Cloud Testing

  • Community Testing

  • Components, Procedures, Testing Lifecycle

  • Building a Mobile Testing Strategy and Policy

Mobile App Test Automation:

  • To Automate or not! Decision making.

  • Challenges and Opportunities

  • Choosing the Approach

  • Calculating ROI

Tools & Related Technology:

  • Commercial & Open-Source Tools for mobile testing

  • Choosing the right tool (Hints & Tricks)

  • Hands-on/Practical Mobile App Test Automation

Mobile Testing Experiences:

  • Facts and Highlights from Industries

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