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Oracle Cloud Computing Service – Getting Started:

  • Overview of Module 1

  • Cloud Overview & Concepts

  •  Oracle Cloud Deployment Models Public-Private & Hybrid

  • Oracle Cloud IaaS Offerings

  • OCI Vs OCI Classic

  • OCI Building Blocks Tenancy Region AD

  • Storage Compartment-Compute

  • Identity & Access management services

  • Subscribe to Oracle Cloud

  • Sign In To Oracle Cloud Account

  • Oracle Cloud Dashboard

OCI – Identity and Access Management Service:

  • IAM Service Overview

  • Principals of Root User and IAM user

  • Tenancy and Compartment

  • Authentication and Authorization

  • SetupOnAccountCreation Policy Creation OCID

  • How to Access Dashboard and Overview of Module 2


  • Networking, VCN & CIDR

  • Subnet & Routing

  • Internet Gateway (IGW), Dynamic Routing (DRG) and Security

  • List

  • Stateful VS Stateless Security List, VPN & Fast Connect

  • DNS & Scope of Network Services

OCI Compute: Bare Metal & Virtual Machine:

  • Overview Compute: Bare Metal & Virtual Machine

  • Compute Shapes: Standard, HighIO, DenseIO, GPU

  • Compute Lifecycle, Billing, Images

  • Boot & Block Volume, Compute Scope

  • Provision Compute Instance

Storage (Block, Object, File Service):

  • Storage Overview

  • BlockStorage Overview Volume Attachment

  • boot volume BlockVolume Overview

  • Block Volume Characteristics Performance Security

  • Create Attach Detach Manage Block Volume

  • Backup Restore Clone Block Volume

  • object storage Overview Create Manage Tiers Pre Authenticated

  • File Storage Service Create Manage User

  • Data Transfer Service Scope WarpUp

Load Balancer Service:

  • Load Balancer Overview

  • Public VS Private Load Balancer

  • Traffic Distribution Load Balancer Shape

  • LoadBalancer Components Health Check Limitations

  • SSL Create LoadBalancer HandsOn

 Autonomous Database in Gen 2 Cloud (OCI):

  • Database Autonomous Overview

  • DB System Overview Autonomous User-Managed

  • License Model

  • Autonomous Database Overview

  • ATP Overview Architecture

  • Provision ATP

  • Connecting ATP

  • Manage AT Start Stop ScaleUp Backup Restore

  • Create Manage ADW

  • Load Data To Autonomous

  • Manual Backup Autonomous

User-Managed Database in Gen 2 Cloud (OCI):

  • User-Managed Database VM BM ExaCS

  • DBCS Edition, Version, and License Options

  • database Cloud Service on Virtual Machine (VM)

  •  Database Cloud Service on Bare Metal (BM)

  • Exadata Cloud Service

  • Database Storage Architecture & Security Options

  • Create Database on OCI Lifecycle Management

  • Access Database Using Putty

  • Database Patch Backup Restore

  • Data Guard and Standby DataBase

  • Migration Lift Shift To Cloud


  • OCI DNS Overview: Terminology, Capabilities & Usability

  • DNS Record Types

  • Create & Manage DNS Record

 Advanced Networking Concepts:

  • Option To Connect On-Premise To Cloud

  • Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG)

  • IPSec VPN Overview

  • VCN Peering

  • FastConnect

  • VCN Peering

  • VNICs

  • NAT Hands-On Lab

Advanced IAM:

  • Advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • IDCS Integration Configuration On IDCS Side

  • IDCS Integration Configuration On OCI Side

  • Dynamic Groups Instance Principal

Architecting Best Practices: HA, DR, Use Cases:

  • HA Overview

  • AD FD Computer Storage HA

  • IPSec VPN FastConnect HA

  • Disaster Recovery DR

  • OCI Architecting Best Practices

  • Cloud At Customer C@C

  • Reference Architecture Certification Quiz

Certification Exam 1Z0-932:

  • Certification Exam Overview

  • Exam Topics

  • Sample Exam Questions

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