Technology in e- Learning?

Here is a sampling of reasons why students love to learn online:

  • They develop a community of learners much greater than a typical on-campus class, and these learners can be as involved or distant as they choose to be.

  • Students learn new tech tools they will see again and again -- in fact, that are being adopted by K-12 schools for snow days and student sick days.

  • Once learned, they are easy. They are designed not for geeks but for everyone else who will try a web tool if it's intuitive and easy to use.

  • Online enrollment is not limited by geography or age, making the learning network students access larger than any on-campus class.

  • Many online classes are accredited by a variety of traditional organizations. That means they're as rigorous and robust as on-campus versions.

  • Regulations for online colleges are not decided by where you live but your qualifications, preparation, and interest. This means you may (or may not) have more flexibility in attaining a degree than you would at your local schools.

  • Students who have reasons for avoiding others -- maybe they're shy -- will find online classes better suited to their particular needs.

  • While most online classes include deadlines and due dates, they don't restrict how much time students do or don't spend preparing the material, just its submitter. If you're one of those who spends more time than the norm (or less), when it's done from the comfort of your home on your own schedule, it doesn't matter.

  • Many students don't learn well in a traditional school due to classmates, the environment, rules, time limitations, or a different reason. Online classes include fewer distractions, no worries about what to wear, and there are no cliques

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