What is Python?

Basically Python is a Technology, by using that you can create a website, automation tool you create customer solution. It is basically programming language.

Why Python?

Python is proving its popularity and simplicity in environment like Linux, Unix, Windows, Macos that simplicity & quickness makes python proving its popularity.

Is python replace Java?

I think this simplicity & quickness one day python will over take java at this google search is also using python in its back end due to its simplicity & quickness.

Why job suddenly grows up to python?

Yes, python is a language which growing with feature technologies it might be robotics automation we are key point where python is strong ex. IoT, Ios, AI, NLP's, Data analysis every future concepts are supported with python by this client will definitely impressed with python & that makes client to shift python.

Is python is scripting language or web language?

Python is basically a scripting language as well as web language as well as tool development language so it is a technology so we can develop solutions for any problems. You can create tools, create website, future related problems like data analysis it is like a complete language. Python is used in almost all domains like telecom domains etc. I don't think python is restricted to particular domain it has its own importance to all domain.

Is Python is good career?

Yes, right choice considering today market. You can start up with python at any point of the time as its so simple for freshers it is easy to excel and expose more towards future technology.

Finally What is your advice to viewers?

My advice go with python looking trending with IT going on based on ease on solution and future problems so many option is go with python and make has your best career.

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