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  • The TCLSH

  • Overview of TCL & Tk

  • Getting Started With TCLSH TCL language Syntax

  • Scripts, Commands and Words

  • Evaluating a Command

  • Variable Substitution

  • Command Substitution

  • Backslash Substitution

  • Quoting with Double-Quotes

  • Quoting with Braces

  • Comments

  • Normal and Exceptional Returns

  • More on Substitutions Variables

  • Simple Variables and the set Commands

  • Arrays

  • Variable Substitution

  • Removing Variable: Unset

  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays

  • The INCR and Append Commands

  • Preview of other Variable Facility

  • Numeric Operands

  • Operators and Precedence

  • Math Functions

  • Substitutions

  • String Manipulation

  • Types and Conversions

  • Precision lists

  • Basic list structure and the Lindex Commands

  • Creating Lists: Concat, List, and length


  • Searching Lists: LSearch

  • Sorting Lists: LSORT

  • Converting Between Strings and Lists: SPLIT AND JOIN

  • Lists and Commands

Control Flow:

  • The IF Command

  • Looping Commands: WHILE, FOR, AND FOREACH

  • Loop Control: BREAK AND CONTINUE

  • The Switch Command

  • Eval

  • Executing From Files: Source 68 Procedures

  • Procedures Basics: Proc and return

  • Local and Global Variables

  • Defaults and Variables numbers of arguments

  • Call by Reference: Upvar

  • Creating new Control Structures: uplevel Searching of a Pattern Exception Errors

  • The SH Process

  • What happens after an error

  • Generating Errors From TCL SCRIPTS

  • Trapping Errors with catch

  • Exceptions in general String Manipulation

  • Two-Way Communication Commands

  • Glob-Style Pattern Matching

  • Pattern Matching with Regular

  • Using regular Expressions for substitution

  • Generating Strings with Format

  • Parsing Strings with Scan

  • Extracting Characters: Strings index and string length

  • Searching and Comparison

  • Length, case Conversion, and Trimming accessible files

  • System variables

  • The Script Executed during Login time

  • File names

  • Basic File I/O

  • Output Buffering

  • Random Access to Files

  • The current Working Directory

  • Manipulating File names: Glob and Files

  • File Information Commands

  • Errors in System Calls Processes

  • Invoking Subprocesses with EXEC

I/O To And From A Command Pipeline:

  • Processes

  • Environment Variables

  • Terminating the Tcl Process with Exitshell variables managing TCL

  • Querying the elements of an array

  • The info command

  • Information about variables

  • Information about Procedures

  • Information about Commands

  • TCLversion and Library

  • Timing Command Execution

  • Tracing Operations on Variables

  • Renaming and deleting commands

  • Unknown Commands

  • Auto-Loading

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